Complex Estate Road Designs

With the advent of complex high density housing schemes, which use 'mews' style access ways and 'home zones' to promote a more shared approach to vehicles and pedestrians, it has become increasingly more important to be able to provide suitable highway and drainage solutions to meet these needs.


As an example we were approahed to produce a design for a 300+ unit scheme comprising entirely of mews and home zone style access roads. The local highway authority were also very keen on seeing the use of offset drainage channels with no formal kerbs. All the roads had varying widths and we had to produce all the necessary horizontal and vertical designs conforming to the relevant design standards. The main challenge we faced was the design of the non-uniform nature of the external envelope of the carriageway, whilst at the same time maintaining a consistent cross fall gradient to drainage channels with a fixed off-set from one side.

The geometric nature of the highway meant we needed to use advanced templates within our design software to form the necessary cross sectional parts of the carriageways, which needed to be applied to the normal vertical alignment design.


Once the templates were in place and applied to the vertical geometry, we designed the necessary junction tie-ins and contoured the entire road network to check gradients and surface water run-offs and low points for drainage purposes and to allow accurate finished floor levels and external finished levels to be fixed.

A full set of long sections, construction details and setting out were then produced and submitted to the local highway authority for technical approval.

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