Advanced Eathworks Analysis

It's becoming more and more common for developers to need to know exactly how much the enabling and earthworks are likely to cost at the feasibility stage. We have past experience in producing detailed earthworks assessments including digital terrain modelling, cut & fill analysis, materials schedules and mass haul proposals.


We can provide the prospective client or developer with a detailed report on the likely amount of material to be removed from site, excavated and re-used on site and/or the necessary amount of additional materials required to complete the engineering and landscaping works.


This process begins at either site viability or planning stage and we work very closely with clients and planning architects to ensure we produce the most accurate information based upon the projected residual value of the site.

Our services at a glance for Advanced Earthworks Analysis

  • Topographical surveys
  • Ground investigations
  • Contamination & remediation reports
  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Isopatchyte analysis
  • Cut & Fill 'Hot Spot' plans
  • Cut & Fill materials schedules
  • Existing & Proposed cross sections
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